[60]PCBM is the world-wide standard acceptor material when working with organic  photovoltaic devices based on conducting polymers and fullerenes. We sell [60]PCBM  directly from stock. Three different grades are available. Solenne BV – Zernikepark 6 – 9747AN Groningen – The Netherlands – info@solennebv.com © 2014 Solenne BV  Products – [60]PCBM  Purity >99% Quantity Price 1 g 150 euro/g 2 g 145 euro/g 5 g 140 euro/g 10 g 130 euro/g 100 g 110 euro/g >250 g       inquire Purity >99.5% Quantity Price  0.50 g    150 euro 1 g       280 euro 2 g 270 euro/g 5 g 265 euro/g 10 g 260 euro/g >25 g        inquire Purity >99.9%  Inquire for prices MSDS [60]PCBM product information [60]PCBM back to products page The >99.5% grade is the world-wide standard for solar cell research. This quality is used for over 15  years now by numerous researchers all over the world. It has low impurity levels and we take particular  care to keep the quality consistently high.  The >99.9% grade is our high-purity material. This has very low impurity levels and it is specially made  for those researchers that prefer to use the highest-purity grade available. It is available in limited  quantities only. PCBM  The >99% grade is suitable for most applications. It is often used when testing new systems and/or  when optimizing existing ones. PCBM