About us Solenne BV was founded in 2005 by Prof. Dr. Kees Hummelen, Dr. David Kronholm and  Dr. Alex Sieval, with support from RuG Houdstermaatschappij. In 2006, we obtained  additional financial support from NOM. Solenne BV is based in Groningen, The  Netherlands. Since our incorporation we provide our high-quality fullerene derivatives to academic  and industrial researchers all over the world. We have our own production facility where  we can produce PCBM and other fullerene derivatives up to multi-kilogram scale.   Solenne produces and sells [60]PCBM and [70]PCBM, as well as many varieties of  PCBM such as ThCBM, PCBA, PCB-Cn, and so on. In addition, we produce other  fullerene derivatives, like ICBA and fulleropyrrolidines, and special compounds for  research purposes, such as d5-[60]PCBM, which is deuterium-labeled [60]PCBM. Most  compounds can be supplied directly from our inventory. Usually, they are available as  both C60- and C70-derivative.   For large-scale applications we also produce technical grades of PCBM. This technical-  grade material works as good as the research-quality compounds.   Solenne has several patents and patent applications. We continuously work on the  development of new fullerene materials, and we are also actively involved in research  collaborations with academic institutes in Europe and the USA.  For more information about our research and about our production facility, click here.  Solenne BV – Zernikepark 6 – 9747AN Groningen – The Netherlands – info@solennebv.com © 2014 Solenne BV