KLOC-6 is a so-called fullerene ketolactam. This derivative has acceptor properties that are completely different from all other fullerene derivatives.  Solenne BV – Zernikepark 6 – 9747AN Groningen – The Netherlands – info@solennebv.com © 2014 Solenne BV  Products – KLOC-6 These fullerene ketolactams are much stronger electron acceptors than PCBM. Their LUMO level lies approximately 0.2 V below that of [60]PCBM. For certain applications, this is highly desirable, e.g., when the LUMO level of the electron-donating polymer is lower and electron transfer is hindered. Purity 99% Quantity Price 0.10 g    100 euro 0.25 g    240 euro for larger quantities: inquire KLOC-6 back to products page