Products You can click on a specific compound to read more information. If the  compound you are looking for is not on this page, please also check our  page with special derivatives. [60]PCBM [70]IPX [70]PCBM [60]IPX NEW! [60]PCB-Cn bis[60]PCBM ICBA ICBA If the derivative you are looking for is not in this list, please go to the page with our special derivatives. C60 C70 Solenne produces a large variety of different fullerene derivatives. Our  chemists have many years of experience with fullerene chemistry. Some of  our standard products are listed below. NEW! NEW! KLOC-6 Fulleropyrrolidines Solenne BV – Zernikepark 6 – 9747AN Groningen – The Netherlands – © 2014 Solenne BV  download  our brochure