MSDS [60]ThCBM product information d5-[60]PCBM >99.5% Solenne BV – Zernikepark 6 – 9747AN Groningen – The Netherlands – © 2014 Solenne BV  Special derivatives At Solenne, we produce many more fullerene derivatives than PCBM. Some of these  products are listed here. Many are available as the C60- and the C70-derivative. These special fullerene compounds are commercially available from Solenne. We can  supply these derivatives from stock, but please note that the availability can be limited. If  no price is listed, or if you require a different quantity than those listed below, do not  hesitate to contact us. If the compound you desire is not in the list, we may still have it, or we can make it for  you! Contact us for more information or if you have a special request. special  For some of the mono-adducts shown above, bis-adducts are available upon request MSDS d5-[60]PCBM MSDS [60]PCBA All prices are subject to change without prior notice. Availability of these derivatives is limited. Shipping costs and taxes, if  applicable, are not included in the above prices. Purity is fullerene purity by HPLC (except for [60]PCBA). PCBM analogues (see also our products page) Quantity Price 100 mg    200 euro 250 mg    450 euro 1 g  1600 euro [60]PCBA 99% Quantity Price 100 mg    110 euro 250 mg    250 euro 1 g    800 euro [60]ThCBM 99–99.5% Quantity Price 250 mg      80 euro 500 mg    150 euro 1 g    280 euro PEG-C60 99% Please inquire for prices [70]ThCBM F-PCBM 3,4-OMe-[60]PCBM For more information about these derivatives, please inquire Also available: Other derivatives (some examples only) Quantity Price 100 mg    150 euro 250 mg    350 euro N-methylfulleropyrrolidine >99% DPM-6 99% Please inquire for prices ICMA 99% Please inquire for prices ICTA 99% Please inquire for prices